Somebody’s Watching You

Melody Hollenback has a problem. Her husband, Jeff, has joined what appears to be a cult. Considering his and her months-long unemployment and Jeff’s clinical depression, Melody has a lot to worry about. 
When Jeff exhibits sudden signs of mental wellness, he is convinced the cult is curing him. He becomes increasingly immersed in the teachings, and Melody worries he is pulling away from her. In an effort to hold on to him, she pretends to join the fold. She soon discovers that the cult has long arms and keeps a tight grip on its followers. In fact, one of the group’s ringleaders, the mysterious Floyd, has been keeping his creepy eye on her. 
Somebody’s Watching You, the debut novel from Robin D’Amato, reads like a quirky thriller. Set in a community unaware of danger in its tree-lined blocks, the absurd tactics of the cult frame this otherwise simple love story with both dread and humor.

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What reviewers are saying about Somebody’s Watching You:

A book that you can’t put down from the...... review gif

A creepy cult grabs hold of a forty-something married couple in this tantalizing tale of unease…. [T]he novel is a hit. Not only are the thriller aspects truly suspenseful, but the motivations are constantly believable……Somebody’s Watching You is a suspenseful psychological thriller that will surely appeal to readers who enjoy a creepy element in their fiction. ” —  Tucker Lieberman, Independent Book Review

“…[a] darkly funny satire….” —Susan Maguire, Booklist

“…[A] story filled not just with intrigue, but personality and passion as Melody and Jeff face … bizarre people who harbor their own form of mental illness, disguised as faith…. The story’s twists, turns, and psychological depth makes it a literary work that will not just engage but enthrall anyone interested in stories of marital change, mental illness, and cult influences.” —
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review